Hey Thap Than lovely!

My name is Iona Bruce and I am a Fitness and Mindset Coach, and the creator behind The Female Fitness Movement

buy Lyrica in australia Working hard and being the best I can be is all I know. Now I’m not saying that comes easy but from getting the grades I wanted (and needed) to figuring out the direction I wanted to take in life, http://rongotaiapartments.co.nz/tips/rugby-world-cup-2011-tv-advertisments?wpmp_switcher=desktop I had to invest time and effort to get the desired outcome. I had to do things I didn’t really want to do and work in places I didn’t really want to work but http://stellarprojects.co.uk/sitemaps/.env quitting was never an option. No matter how hard things got.  

So how exactly does a person with an MLitt in History become a Fitness and Mindset Coach?  

Well, it was not an easy process.  

I have always loved sports and fitness, having competitively trampolined from aged 10 and coached from age 16. Whilst at university I was taught how to lift weights and I totally loved how it made me feel. It unlocked this strong, confident girl in me who wasn’t scared to eat food or think about how many calories was in it, something which I had struggled with from school. I also discovered my competitive side in trying to increase the weight I was lifting, particularly in regards to guys! Also, it made my body look fabby!

But university finished and I started on the real world and a job I thought I “should” do to be successful…and which I hated.

I studied for personal qualifications while still working in an office job. I also started a fitness blog (it gave me something to do when the office was dead…shh don’t tell anyone!). Then came my opportunity. A new gym in town was opening in town and an advert was out for personal trainers.  

As uncomfortable/scary/embarrassing it was to hand in my notice I knew this was a chance I had to take.  

I spent three years as a personal trainer, working in various gyms with a hugely diverse selection of clients but there was always that feeling that I could be doing more.

I love being able to make a difference to people’s lives. The most rewarding part of what I do is actually not necessarily the content of what I am delivering but using that content to be able to help people be better versions of themselves. To help them be strong, happy, confident, brave, and inspired.  I decided to develop this side of my business too and gained several teaching qualifications along the way! 

In truth, there’s just a natural a limit on how many people you can help as a personal trainer so that’s why I created “The Female Fitness Movement”. 

Now, I give women the power to transform their lifestyle, their body, and their mind. 

I give you the power to be PROUD OF YOU 

 Things you may not know about me

My trampoline coach while I was at school thought it hilarious when she found out I was going to be a personal trainer, apparently I was the laziest child she ever coached. 

I walk my talk. If I tell someone to do something I’m doing it too. Exercise, eating well, personal development, getting coached, whatever it is if I think someone else should be doing it, I will be doing it too. 

I like being good at things. Whether in studying, life, business, anything else I could possibly be good at. It’s what keeps me going. 

I have an anchor tattoo (not not because it keeps me grounded!) but because it reminds me of how strong I am and the path in which my life is taking. 

I have competed or still compete in trampolining, powerlifting, sailing and mountain biking. 

I’m super girly, but only sometimes. 

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