Sports Massage

Looking for pain relief? Feeling stressed or tense?

Sangariā Then you need a sports masasage. Glasgow based. Tradeston Clinic.

Home based appointments also available. 

tight muscles

Ease tired and sore muscles
Prevent injury

aches and pains

Reduce stress and tension
Release daily tension

sports injuries

Treat sports injuries
Reduce further injury
Improve recovery time

sports massage

what is sports massage?

One of the earliest forms of physical therapy, massage has been used for over 3000 years. 

Through varying pressures and techniques, sports massage treats existing injuries, prevents future injuries, aids chronic pain, releases tension and stress and can improve restricted range of movement. 


who should get a sports massage?

Sports massage is not just for athletes (although we do treat a lot) Whether you spend all day at your desk, chasing your children around, on your feet, or anything in between, we can help you.

how can sports massage benefit me?

If injury healing and prevention isn’t enough, sports massage also increases mobility, reduces pain, boosts performance, imporves the flow of nutrients around your body, reduces stress and promotes relaxation. For more information please email or phone +447858 354509