7 Tips for Lifting Weights

  1. Vellore Have a plan. It’s so much easier to know what you’re doing before you try and do it! It’s way too easy to get into the gym, float around feeling slightly unmotivated, not get very much done, and then leave feeling like you’ve not achieved anything! Write yourself a plan that suits your goal, get into that gym and blast it out. You’ll have a great workout and know that you’ve done everything you meant to. Recording your workout is also a great way to track your progress. I love a list and my workout plan is essentially my gym list!

  1. Freiburg Warm up, cool down and stretch out! This is so important. You can’t just walk in, dive into a heavy weights workout and expect your muscles to do what you want them too. They’ll definitely get a shock, and not in a good way! Take at least 10 minutes at the start and end of your workout to warm up, cool down and stretch. Get your muscles warm, and get the blood flowing so that when you do get to those weights, you’re mentally and physically prepared! For more advice on stretching check out

  1. buy priligy in south africa Do compound movements. Sound scary?! Naaa, they’re actually not, and once you get the hang of them they’re actually pretty simple! Compound movements are essentially just big movements that stimulate a lot of muscles at once and are great for working out effectively and focusing on fat burning! These include squats, deadlifts, bench press and chin ups. If you’re not sure how to any or all of these though definitely ask me for help as good technique is really important!

  1. Work on your form. Always. Form is so important, I mean, who wants to get injured? It also ensures that you are focusing on working the correct muscles and means you will get the most out of your workout. Quality over quantity is definitely the way forward when lifting weights! As above, if you’re not sure how to do something, just ask me!

  1. Keep lifting. It’s all very well to lift a few times and feel great for it but you have to keep it going and be consistent! You will get awesome results from lifting weights, ‘toning’, fat burning and gaining strength to name a few but you have to keep working at it. Start with twice a week and try and increase your sessions from there.

  2. Change it up. We can all get pretty bored sometimes and that can lead to lack of motivation. So change up your workout every so often! This can be changing your programme every 4-6 weeks or doing something crazy like finding a new exercise class, training for something like a spartan race or even hunting down a personal trainer to mix up your workouts for you.

  3. Eat! What you eat or don’t eat can be just as important as your workout. There are so many articles out there with mixed messages of what to eat but again, keep it simple! Make sure you’re eating protein and carbohydrates after your workout to refuel and give your body the best chance to recover. Again, if you want nutrition advice specifically to suit your body and your goals then just ask!

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