1. Pack with a plan If you have what you need to workout you’re less likely to find an excuse not to! Bring good workout clothes, comfy trainers and any equipment you might need. This could be a skipping rope, TRX, exercise bands, a timer or just yourself! Plan ahead and you’ll be prepared and ready to go!

2. Drink lots (of water!)

buy roisotretinoin isotretinoin We’re constantly being told that drinking enough water is necessary to stay hydrated and keep our bodies functioning and this is even more important on holiday. Travelling, sun and alcohol will all work to dehydrate you so make sure you’re drinking at least two litres a day!

3. Focus on breakfast

This is normally the easiest meal keep healthy and balanced as normally, you’ll be in your hotel or apartment and can control exactly what and how much you eat. Resist the urge to eat lots of junk food and fill up on good solid foods to fuel you for the day ahead – a bowl of oats, an omelette, or yoghurt and fruit! For more breakfast ideas check out my recipe section.

4. Balance your meals

Eating out can definitely be challenging, particularly when you’re on holiday so just aim for a good, balanced meal. Heap your plate with meats like chicken and loads of vegetables. Remember, carbs are not the enemy but it’s too easy to over indulge in them on holiday so eat them but don’t fill up on them.

5. Plan your workouts

Be realistic – will you really want to work out for two hours every day or is a short workout 2, 3 or 4 times over the week more likely? Find a goal that suits you and you’re more likely to stick to it. Sit down before you go and write out what you’re going to do. The best bit is that you don’t even need a gym, plan your workouts to include bodyweight exercises, hill sprints or stair sprints and you can workout pretty much anywhere!

6. Be active

Even if you’re heading for a week of total relaxation and sunbathing you can still keep active while you’re away. It’s so easy just to stay in your hotel, particularly if you’ve chosen all inclusive so make sure you get out and explore the area. Have at least one long walk per day, go for a swim, play with your kids or go out for some crazy dancing in the evenings!

7. Ditch the guilt

Whatever you do, don’t feel guilty! Everyone deserves a holiday and you shouldn’t let anything get you down while you’re away. Make a plan before you go, take your gym kit, and make the most the good food, sun, and local area while you’re there!

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