South Yuba City 1.PAY FOR IT – seems obvious but if I’m making excuses to not go, one massive excuse TO go is that I’m paying money for it I could be spending on food, clothes, shoes, coffee, freddos…

Yes, I could just workout at home or outside (which works well for some including my lovely flatmate who runs home every day, crazy!) but I personally know that, if it is raining or my favourite TV show is on, I will not feel like working out.

But I know that I love the buzz of exercising and I love that feeling of being fit so I know that for me, it is worth it. 2. FIND A FRIEND AND MAKE YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE – I always find that having someone to go with makes me stick to my plans and get in that gym! This particularly works if you’re working out in the morning as you wouldn’t want to cancel after you had made them get out of bed!

Lots of gyms even give you a referral code for a friend when you sign up which is perfect for a first visit.

Top tip: If none of your pals are particularly into going to the gym or you like working out alone chat to the instructor/receptionist/lifeguard and mention when you will next be in, that way you’ll know that they will be looking out for you. 3. GO TO CLASSES – this might not work for everyone but it is 100% my method when I’m having a tough time making myself work out. Once you’re in the class, you can’t really leave (it would be rude) so even if my workout is slightly halfhearted at least I’m there and I’m moving.

buy cheap gabapentin online 4. FIT IT INTO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE – I was speaking to a friend recently who couldn’t make herself go to the gym after work because she got off the train and had to walk past her flat before she got to the gym (totally understandable, my bed is very appealing too)BUT if she got off the train 3 minutes later at the next stop, she would have to walk PAST the gym before she could get to her cosy bed and would be much more likely to go into the gym.

Sometimes I prefer to workout in the morning or at lunchtime because then I know it’s done and I have the evenings free to catch up with people or just to relax, but try a few things and see what works for you.

Top tip: always have your gym stuff with you so you can pop in on your way to work/way home because once you go in your front door, it’s much harder to get out again!

5. SUIT IT TO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE – None of this ‘my face gets too sweaty and red to work out before/during/after work, before I got to dinner/shopping/my partners/bed’

Either embrace the tomato face (me most days) or plan your workouts so you don’t get massively red when you don’t want to be. You don’t always need to do that red face-inducing workout, lift light weights, do yoga, pilates or an abs class (ok maybe slightly pink) and I promise exercising during the day will make you feel better.

Sometimes at lunch I’ll even just go for a 20 minute stretch as it gets me out of the office and before 1pm I feel like I’ve done something with my day that’s not just work.

6. MAKE (OR GET) A PLAN AND STICK TO IT – This will vary depending on experience and confidence but if you don’t want to make your own plan, lots of gyms offer free programmes when you join up or you could get one from a personal trainer if you wanted. Always ask for help if you’re not sure!

BUT a plan doesn’t need to be complicated, it could just be a description of what pieces of equipment you want to use and for how long, how far or how heavy. The most important thing for me though is writing it down so that I can tick it off once it’s done (accountability or sense of achievement, it’s up to you)!

7. SEE IT AS TIME FOR YOURSELF – there’s something about being in a gym that makes you forget about everything and feel like you’re escaping real life – if you want to.

Take 5 minutes at the start of the session to get your head into the zone, ditch your phone or put it on airplane mode, put your headphones on (optional but great tunes really help) and make the most of having some time alone.

Smash your session and I promise you’ll feel better after!

Let me know if these work for you

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