Getting into (or back into) exercise

Today we’re going to talk top-tips for getting back into exercise, whatever your fitness background (or non-fitness background) and whatever your ability.

Whatever your aims are – walking up there stairs without stopping, walking or running a 5k, 10k, marathon or just improving your health the best way to get there is to start NOW. 1.Plan your exercise – decide what exercise will suit you (always ask if you’re not sure), get out your diary out decide NOW when you are going to fit it in.

Could you get up an hour earlier? Or even run to, from, or at work? If you’re massively struggling for time, could you even run to the shops to buy milk? If you don’t have much free time during the day try two shorter sessions in the same day – research has suggested this can be just as beneficial.

can you buy Ivermectin over the counter 2. Be prepared – with both kit and fuel!

Laying out your kit the night before will make you more likely to get up and get going, or mean that you can grab it on the way to work. I find that preparing food before I go to bed also saves a lot of time – both for breakfast and lunch, and gives you even more time for running!

buy Ivermectin scabies online 3. Find a friend –they don’t even need to be doing the same programme as you (although I’m sure you could persuade them!).

For me, exercising with a friend provides accountability as well as potential for a good catch up session (or mutual moaning about how out of breath you are). If I have made plans to walk, run or gym with someone, I am less likely to think of an excuse to not train. 4. Go outside and go far away – or start far away and come home!

Walking, running or jogging outside is different from running in the gym as you use different muscles and encounter different terraing (this can actually apply to most things) I also like it as it means I get distracted by what’s happening around me and don’t focus on my workout.Starting away from home is also a good idea as you’re more likely to want to run back there as soon as possible, and let’s face it, at this point you don’t really have a choice!

If you’re at all unsure which execise you should be doing please just ask someone! If you want to try out the gym but are a bit unsure then please go here.

Happy training and let me know how you all get on!

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